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No matter what type of heater you use, you expect efficient and rapid temperature increases. What are the advantages that infrared heaters have over other types such as kerosene, space, coil heaters and more?

• Electric space heaters use more oxygen in the room, which contributes to the occupants’ feelings of fatigue and lethargy.
• Traditional heaters must increase the temperature in the environment first, which radiates to objects present. Infrared heating device work instantly and heat objects first instead of the environment.
• Infrared quartz heaters do not reduce humidity. This prevents unpleasant dry skin and other complaints.

Similar to natural heat formed by the sun, infrared electric heaters deliver natural temperature change that protects your health and comfort.

The above reasons should convince you that infrared home heaters can deliver the best heat without the drawbacks of other types of heaters.

The interactive chart of the best infrared heaters below and the analysis that follows will help you decide what the best infrared heater is for you. You can see price, specifications, customer ratings of every single model and read infrared heater reviews.

The Best Electric Infrared Heaters Reviewed For 2017 – TOP 10 Rating

Rated power, Watts
Heating Capability, sq/ft
Rating Score
1500 1000 4.7
1500 1000 4.6
1500 400 4.5
1500 1000 4.5
1500 400 4.3
1250 400 4.3
1500 400 4.2
1200 600 4.3
1500 1000 4.2
1500 1000 4.1

* – The average customer rating on

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One exceptional benefit of infrared quartz heaters is the vast amount of space that one can heat on its own. Instead of buying a different space or radiant heater for each zone of your house, consider an infrared home heater than can increase temperatures to comfortable levels in 1,000 or even 1,500 square feet of space. Many consumers do not know that something so powerful and efficient even exists.

The power of the best infrared heating models helps you save money on your energy bills in the winter as well. Turning the thermostat up higher and higher to try to get comfortable in every room wastes a lot of energy and makes those cold-weather bills skyrocket. An infrared heating device delivers heat everywhere you need it, increases efficiency and reduces costs.

How to choose the best infrared space heater

Get the perfect infrared room heater for your particular needs by asking yourself the following questions.

• The largest heater may not be the best solution for your particular needs. If you stay in one place in the room for long periods, such as at a work desk, consider getting a smaller infrared electric heater to direct the warmth directly at you. This will improve efficiency even more as you are not heating space you do not need.
• How large is the quartz infrared heater and how much does it weigh? How much space will it take up in the room? It is no good trading efficiency and lower heating bills for an annoyance in the corner of the room. Make sure the heater you want to buy will fit and be easy for you to maneuver when necessary. Consider the most compact infrared heating models for home use where space is at a premium.
• How long will the heater last? The infrared bulbs or quartz tubes that create the heat in this type of heater are long-lived but will not last forever. Research the expected life of each type of infrared heating model before you decide which to buy. Some are rated to last 10,000 hours or heating, while others with quartz tubes can last up to 60,000 hours or even more. Consider spending a bit more to get a heater expected to last much longer. This will save you money on both your heating bills and replacement costs when the infrared free-standing heater eventually wears out.