Best Electric Infrared Heater Units

Best Electric Infrared Heaters

The mechanism, which is usually followed while transferring energy from hotter to cooler portions in the surroundings, is called as radiation and the kinds of radiations which are usually involved in this mechanism are the electromagnetic waves.

There are different electric infrared heater types and all of these are used commonly depending upon the location and comfort of the area where these are being employed. Usually free-standing infrared electric heater units are used in household. On other hand ceiling heaters and wall electric infrared garage heater and indoor electric heater units are also mounted especially in the houses and places where there are children. Depending upon the kinds of heaters operated on infrared radiations, there are different categories. Usually the most commonly used categories of heaters are the gas/propane heaters and electric infrared radiant heaters.



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Mechanism of action of electric infrared space heaters

This is an understood fact that no matter what type of electric infrared heater is being used, the basic working principle is same in all cases and it is that these heaters are operated by emitting radiations. However the wavelength of these radiations can vary depending upon the temperature requirements.

• Usually the radiation ranges of the infrared electric and gas heaters range from a minimum of 780 nm at minimum level to 1 mm at maximum level.

• But these ranges may also vary further depending upon the temperature requirements.

• The law of physics applicable on these heaters is the Wien’s Displacement Law according to which the change in wavelength is applied on the basis of changes in temperature.

• According to the procedure of transmission of radiations, no physical contact takes place when it comes to energy transfer.

• There are many ways of operating the infrared electric and propane powered heaters. These can e operated both in vacuum as well as in atmosphere.

Pros and Cons of Infrared Electric Heater Units

There are several concerns and reservations arising regarding the portable electric infrared heater pros and cons and on the basis of these issues, the classification and usage of these infrared electric and propane heaters is affected.

It is a commonly accepted truth that infrared radiations have many uses and it is because of this reason that these radiations are put to use in different devices and machines. Quartz infrared heater is one of such devices but there are certain pros and cons associated with the use of infrared space heaters. These devices are operated on different mediums and sources of energy and based on the source; every heater has its own specific requirements and specifications. Usually these devices very actively transmit the heat to surroundings therefore when there is no need of the device, it should be switched off. This is important because otherwise it can cause the filament to be heated up to dangerous levels and may cause short circuiting.


A thorough analysis of the usage, types and pros and cons of electric infrared space heaters shows that these are very efficient but fragile devices and overuse of these devices can lead to the spoiling of components or filaments of the device itself. That is why a wise usage is recommended.

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