Infrared Garage Heaters

Infrared Garage Heaters

HeatStar is one of the brands that is worth a serious look when it comes to infrared garage heater units. This article will describe the basics what benefits an garage infrared heater can have, as well as take a closer look at some of the specific electric infrared garage heaters. This will allow you to make a more informed buying choice when it comes to keeping your home warm this winter.

What are the benefits of infrared garage heater units?

Infrared heating can have a number of important advantages over other heating methods and types of heaters. Some of these desirable benefits include:

Efficiency – Saving money on heating is a priority for almost everyone these days. Infrared heating does not heat the entire home, so you are not wasting energy and increasing the heating bill unnecessarily.

Comfort – Working in a similar way to the sun’s rays, infrared rays are absorbed well by the surrounding environment. This raises the temperature of the room gently and without any harmful emissions. Garage infrared heater units work slowly to heat the room gradually, rather than providing instant drastic temperature changes. The even transfer of heat means there are no “hot spots” in the room, and wind or drafts does not affect the heating ability of an electric infrared garage heater.

Health – Other types of heaters have the side effect of removing moisture from the air, but infrared garage heaters do not reduce air moisture. This means the avoidance of health problems like dry skin, sore throats and itchy eyes.

Safety – Far too many accidents have been experienced by people through the use of heaters. One risk factor is the potential for burns in regards to the physical temperature of the heater itself, if it is touched by children or even pets. This issue is eliminated with infrared heaters for garage, as is the risk of the heater tipping or being pushed over.

Low Maintenance – Without any moving parts, maintenance of infrared propane and electric heaters is minimal. This means lower costs in the long term. Only occasional reflector cleaning and heat source replacement is generally required to keep a quality infrared heater running at its best for many years.

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