Infrared Tower Heaters

Infrared Tower Heaters

No matter the place, infrared tower heaters are great options to heat up an area. As with any other product that you may find in stores all around the world, there are several brands that stand out among the rest, as well as several popular infrared tower heater models that people have found to work better for one reason or another.

There are hundreds of different companies that manufacture a few basic kinds of infrared tower heater units: Duraflame, Twin Star, American Comfort, and Heat Wave are just a few, but the one company that stands out because they provide so many high-functioning infrared heaters is Lifesmart. It is impossible to do a web search for infrared tower heaters without seeing the name Lifesmart plastered everywhere, and the answer is immediately clear when you look at their page. Although many companies will make 2 or 3 basic models and call it good, Lifestar offers a few dozen in various categories, making it a great and reliable choice for a brand for your infrared tower heater.

Infrared quartz tower heaters don’t come with a huge variety of options, but there are a few distinct models (Duraflame infrared tower heater, Powerheat infrared quartz tower heater, Lifesmart tower heater and the others) that have made their way to the top. In short, size and inclusion of a remote are what make a tower heater a good one. It’s not terribly hard to heat up a room with our current technology, and many companies already have that part mastered. The most convenient feature that an infrared heater can have is to have a remote control so that it can be operated from afar. After that, the only main distinguishing factor is the intended size. A small tower infrared heater that can do its job well is a lot better than a large one that does its job well, because a smaller, lighter heater can be moved more easily if it needs to be.

At first glance it may look like all infrared tower quartz heaters are the exact same, and for the most part they are all very similar. However, certain companies make a wider variety which makes them a better place to buy from. Also, there are features that some heaters have that can make those models more desirable or worth more just because they are more convenient to buyers. The best way to tell which brand or model is right for you is to logically examine your own needs and buy an infrared tower heater from a brand where they have a good heater that meets your needs, and provides convenient extras.

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