LifeSmart Infrared Heater Review

LifeSmart Infrared Heaters

Stylish, efficient and easy to install, the lifesmart infrared heater units can help take you and your loved ones from chilly to cozy in no time at all!

Why Choose Lifesmart Infrared Heater?

If you are looking for a reliable brand with a proven track record of customer satisfaction, look no further. Lifesmart provides a safe and secure heating solution; ideal for the youngest to oldest members in your family and everyone in between. Their extremely efficient design generates a healthy and aesthetically pleasing heating option. Life smart infrared heater units are available much less expensive compared to the competitors on the market.

Did you know that a variety of lifesmart infrared quartz heater units rank sixty percent more efficient than propane, thirty-eight percent more efficient than traditional forced air electric systems and over forty-five percent better compared to electric baseboard models? Depending on the size of the area you wish to heat, there is a perfect model available to suit your tastes and requirements.

Bonus Features

Many of lifesmart infrared quartz heater models come with a convenient remote control, allowing you easy accessibility. This is an especially nice feature if you are using one of the fireplace models in your bedroom. As well, the 1 year warranty shows how much the company stands behind their product. A variety of life smart infrared heater models actually produce purified air while they are operating, thanks to their incorporated Air Ionizer System. Extra safety is delivered by their smart design features making them cool to touch. This makes the lifesmart infrared heaters a wonderful addition to any family room, basement, bedroom, daycare or busy office space. Quiet scroll fans distribute the heat without drawing unwanted attention to the unit. Energy efficient settings enable you to control your power to heat ratio.


Incorporating EZ Glide casters enable you to transport your heater where you need it with little effort. Lightweight and durable, these heaters can easily follow you through your home or office space.

Dual Timer Settings and Digital Thermostat

You know how great it is to have your coffee ready when you get up thanks to the automatic timer feature? Just think of how cozy your space can be with similar technology. Certain lifesmart 6-element infrared heater models are available with a special remote control that can activate the heater up to 12 hours prior to entering your space to make it warm when you arrive. You can additionally use this feature to turn your heater off within 12 hours; ideal for night time.

Popular Models

For large spaces, one of the best-selling lifesmart 1500w infrared heater models is one of the Lifelux series called the Ultimate 8 Element. This model is specifically made for generating heat for bigger rooms. If more than one unit is required, take advantage of the Zone Pack. This consists of 2 life smart infrared heaters and remotes. Each unit contains four elements and is capable of heating 1200 sq. feet. An ideal solution if your home requires a unit for each floor or if you are simultaneously shopping for home and office.

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