Best Electric Infrared Heater Units

Best Electric Infrared Heaters

The mechanism, which is usually followed while transferring energy from hotter to cooler portions in the surroundings, is called as radiation and the kinds of radiations which are usually involved in this mechanism are the electromagnetic waves.

There are different electric infrared heater types and all of these are used commonly depending upon the location and comfort of the area where these are being employed. Usually free-standing infrared electric heater units are used in household. On other hand ceiling heaters and wall electric infrared garage heater and indoor electric heater units are also mounted especially in the houses and places where there are children. Depending upon the kinds of heaters operated on infrared radiations, there are different categories. Usually the most commonly used categories of heaters are the gas/propane heaters and electric infrared radiant heaters.



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Mechanism of action of electric infrared space heaters

This is an understood fact that no matter what type of electric infrared heater is being used, the basic working principle is same in all cases and it is that these heaters are operated by emitting radiations. However the wavelength of these radiations can vary depending upon the temperature requirements.

• Usually the radiation ranges of the infrared electric and gas heaters range from a minimum of 780 nm at minimum level to 1 mm at maximum level.

• But these ranges may also vary further depending upon the temperature requirements.

• The law of physics applicable on these heaters is the Wien’s Displacement Law according to which the change in wavelength is applied on the basis of changes in temperature.

• According to the procedure of transmission of radiations, no physical contact takes place when it comes to energy transfer.

• There are many ways of operating the infrared electric and propane powered heaters. These can e operated both in vacuum as well as in atmosphere.

Pros and Cons of Infrared Electric Heater Units

There are several concerns and reservations arising regarding the portable electric infrared heater pros and cons and on the basis of these issues, the classification and usage of these infrared electric and propane heaters is affected.

It is a commonly accepted truth that infrared radiations have many uses and it is because of this reason that these radiations are put to use in different devices and machines. Quartz infrared heater is one of such devices but there are certain pros and cons associated with the use of infrared space heaters. These devices are operated on different mediums and sources of energy and based on the source; every heater has its own specific requirements and specifications. Usually these devices very actively transmit the heat to surroundings therefore when there is no need of the device, it should be switched off. This is important because otherwise it can cause the filament to be heated up to dangerous levels and may cause short circuiting.


A thorough analysis of the usage, types and pros and cons of electric infrared space heaters shows that these are very efficient but fragile devices and overuse of these devices can lead to the spoiling of components or filaments of the device itself. That is why a wise usage is recommended.

Best Infrared Propane Heaters

Infrared Gas Space Heaters

You do not need any ventilator or outlet which could allow the air outside the house or an apartment to flow into the living room to use ventless infrared propane heater.


Ventless propane infrared heaters are heating the air in room where they are located. There are many types of gas heaters in the market today like the radiant space heater, blue flame, gas or propane space heaters and the gas log versions. Each of the heaters listed previously has a different system of combustion and heating.






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There are some benefits of ventless propane infrared heaters which will help you to know why these heaters are essentially used extensively.

They are as follows:

Installation: Ventless gas or propane infrared space heaters can be easily installed inside rooms of variable sizes. An additional outlet like the chimney or a duct is not required while installing these heaters. It’s installation process in not at all complicated and can be done without putting a lot of effort. You simply have to fix the heater to the wall with the help of a stand where it can be kept easily. This brings down the installation cost.

Cost effective: Since a ventless propane infrared garage heater units do not require any outlet, it initial cost of installation is low, making it very cost effective. The heating capacity of this appliance is quite high as the gas is completely consumed by the heater, in order to avoid any wastage. The ventless infrared propane heater is very efficient in making the room’s air fresh by and dust free. It also removes foul smells and odors away from the room. It generally acts like a room freshener. This indicates that a this gas heater is quite economical as it can perform many functions, at a reasonable rate. Read more info on eco friendly electric wall heaters.

Environment friendly: Ventless gas portable heaters are being considered as environment friendly since they use LPG and natural gas which are very clean and safe to be used at homes. The reason why they are being considered as environment friendly is that they do not emit any harmful gases like carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide, unlike other gas or propane infrared heater units and do not harm the environment.

Gas infrared heaters help us to maintain the room’s temperature. By gauging the popularity of these appliances, there are many companies which have come up with the production of infrared gas or propane heaters.

Quartz Infrared Heater Guide

Quartz heaters

There are many people who often find it difficult to choose whether to purchase electric quartz infrared heater or naturally working kerosene heater. Well, if you are in a similar situation, you have to decide ultimately upon which type of heater will give you total satisfaction.

Infrared quartz heaters are generally used to heat up large places. There are many people who often complain that the infrared quartz heaters provide less heat than normal heaters. However, this is not possible as quartz infrared heaters are mainly manufactured for heating large size spaces. One of the common advantages of quartz infrared heaters is that they are perfectly secured for domestic usage. We often come across home accidents in which kids get injured as they try and play with heater fans or wires. However, quartz infrared heater is designed in such a way that it do not harm anybody even if someone tries and get close to it.

Quartz heating elements work on the power of electricity. They are very robust appliances which can survive from power failures. These heaters consume less very less power and are capable to save a lot of energy. You may experience this fact when you will start receiving less electricity bills, once you have started using a such heater. One more thing that makes these heaters desirable is that they work without making any noise. There are some heaters which make huge noise when they are turned unlike quartz electric heaters.

A quartz infrared portable heater is easily available at any local electronic store. It has been observed that the sale of this heater has increased in last 2-3 years. The reason why it is being used on large scale is that it is durable and it helps to maintain the required temperature of the house. It also helps a lot to keep the air of the room fresh and free from any kind of foul smells and odors. It heats up the surrounding properly right from the ceiling to the floor and to the corners of the room, where it is placed. A quartz home heater comes in variable sizes so as to fit perfectly at any place. It is totally environment friendly. It does not harm the environment in any way by releasing any toxic gases or emissions. It also helps to keep the high level of oxygen in the air. You can also purchase a quartz garage heater over the Internet by shopping for it online.

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Best Kerosene Heaters

Kerosene heaters

The best kerosene heater units are very powerful appliances which have the capacity to warm large areas in few minutes.

The only problem with the best kerosene heater units is their high price of operation. However, you will be able to reduce your electricity bills by using mini kerosene heater models.

Kerosene is an energy efficient fuel that can be used for various purposes. In older days, before the invention of gas stoves, people used to cook food on kerosene stoves. Generally, most of the people consider them to be dangerous and avoid their storage in houses. However, in reality, storing kerosene is much more beneficially viable as it can be used for radiant kerosene heater units. These kerosene portable heater models are known to be much safer and efficient than gas heating systems. We are required to take a lot of care while using gas heaters as even a small gas leakage can prove to be catastrophic. Apart from the place burning into ashes due to such leakage, a gas heater can also discharge harmful emissions which can cause us to breathe unhealthy air leading to some serious health issues like asthma and bronchitis.

Nowadays, due to the rising inflation, it has become necessary to all of us to save money as much as possible. In order to fall prey to the rising price of gas, we must try and adopt appliances that work on kerosene just like the kerosene radiant heater units. One of the most common advantages of these heaters is their portability. Indoor kerosene space heaters can be carried away from one place to another to warm up the surroundings. Moreover, these heaters can easily be used at any time. We just have to fill the heater with kerosene and switch it on. A kerosene garage heater is always a preferred option while visiting areas where it snows as it can easily be carried away. Moreover, it is light weight and do not have wires or power outlets that could have made it inconvenient to carry. We must try and create awareness on the usage of kerosene indoor and outdoor heaters.

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Eco Heaters

Eco Heaters

The way, that eco heater operates is quite unique. It takes in cold air from the atmosphere and pushes it inside a hot flame which makes the whole heater burn and heat things.

The biggest advantage of using an eco heater from the fact that it consumes very low electricity and it is quite possible to work on this eco wall heater with just 400 watts of electricity. This compares very favorably with other conventional electric eco friendly space heater units which consume more than 1500 watts of electricity. Hence, if you want to stop your heater from making a big hole in your pocket, you would be better advised to go in for a good and reputed make of eco panel heater. Another big advantage that comes the customers’ way is that almost each and every eco ceramic wall heater that you buy from the market has the flexibility of being mounted on the walls. This goes a long way in saving space and in today’s urban environment and where space is a constraint, such heaters are very welcome.

Further, eco wall heater does not become hot to touch. However, this could be misleading because the surface temperature of these heaters could go up to as much as 165 degree F but the beauty is that even at this high temperature it does not burn, but generates only heat. Considering the above facts, it is quite evident that eco heating system is considered by many to be one of the most energy efficient systems of cooking. Since it works really well in cold climate, it is quite common to see people using these eco portable heater units in the outdoors where there is bound to be ample supply of cool air which is very much needed for an eco efficient electric heater to run. However, these eco ceramic heater units come with Styrofoam packing which according to many is something that will damage the environment.

However, compared to other conventional sources of heating and cooking, there is no denying the fact that an eco heating system is much more eco friendly. Before beginning to use even a new eco wall heater, it would be advisable to change the battery in the smoke detector apparatus which is essential for safe and secure cooking. At the end of the day, there is no denying the fact that a good and well chosen eco heating system will indeed go a long way in redefining your cooking and other such activities.

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Best Ceramic Space Heaters

Infrared Ceramic Heaters

Over the past few years, it has become more appropriate to go for a ceramic space heater because of many reasons. One of the most obvious reasons include the fact that a ceramic element heater saves more energy and produces more heat than the time-old heating coils.
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